Lonely Planet Wellness Escapes に別邸音信が掲載されました

Lonely Planet Wellness Escapes に別邸音信が掲載されております。

Tucked into the mountains of this hot spring-rich country, the sleek Bettei Otozure ryokan is worth the detour from Japan’s cultural capitals. The standout here is the ryokan’s grand onsen, a commanding set of natural baths fed by the mineral-laden thermal waters that surround this traditional (in sensibility) yet modern (in aesthetic) inn. Onsen are a requisite element in Japanese self-care, similar in concept and experience to public baths in other cultures — like Finnish saunas, they are egalitarian in spirit, intended as a communal practice. True believers will attest that the alkaline spring water has healing properties, serving as a balm to joint and muscle pain.
The experience at this family-owned inn is enhanced by the beauty of the surrounding woodlands — and by the gracious design of the cedar-wood onsen itself, which offers areas for quiet reflection, conversation, and whirlpools. The open-air space in the grand onsen, open until 12:30 A.M., allows for relaxation under the stars — as do the private whirlpools found on the balconies of some private rooms. A separate spa complex offers massages and body treatments.
This ryokan’s rural setting might suggest a rough-hewn approach to its on-site dining — and yet the inn’s traditional kaiseki menu offers a masterful take on this rigorous Japanese dining concept. Expect local additions such as urchin (uni) or even fugu (puffer fish), as well as a selection of local sakes.


このたび創刊された『Wellness Escapes』では、現代の複雑な生活から一時離れ、より充実した幸福な人生を送るための世界中のディスティネーション(ヨガや温泉・スパ、大自然でのアクティビティ等)やリトリート(隠れ家的ホテル、旅館)が紹介されています。



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