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本日は、The Bar OTOZUREの人気メニュー「板わさ」をご紹介いたします。

Itawasa, slices of Kamaboko grilled fish paste served with wasabi horseradish and soy sauce, is one of the popular dishes at the bar OTOZURE. AS for the Kamaboko of this Itawasa, ‘Hamachidori’ from the long-running Kamaboko shop ‘YAMATO KAMABOKO’ is served. ‘Hamachidori’ is a multi-award-winning Kamaboko, holding a Japanese royal warrant. They make kamaboko from freshly caught fishes in the morning, not using frozen minced fish paste. Their factory is closed on the day they don’t catch fishes.
Differing from the other area in Japan, this Kamaboko is made by unique method, and it gives the Kamaboko a smooth and bouncy texture. Just try one, if you never taste it!


旅館 別邸 音信 〒759-4103 山口県 長門市 湯本温泉 2208
Ryokan Bettei Otozure, 2208 Yumoto-Onsen Nagato-shi,Yamaguchi-Prefecture, Japan 759-4103