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■ Otozure
Japan’s best hotels are usually either hyper-traditional, with only wood, paper and lacquer, or ultramodern, with no color at all besides white, black and shades of gray.
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The decor at Otozure, in the stunning mountains of Honshu’s Yamaguchi prefecture, is reflective of neither aesthetic; rather, it combines interesting elements of both traditional and modern ryokan design, in warm, orange hues that are unexpectedly relaxing.
Large lanterns light a covered pathway to the traditional Japanese tea house, where guests partake in a traditional matcha tea ceremony upon arrival.
In densely populated Japan, it’s a rare treat to see a hillside that’s not topped with a house, hotel or observation deck. From Otozure’s courtyard water garden, two perfect green cones emerge from behind the building, imparting a sense of remoteness hard to find in the rest of the country. You’ll feel immediately at ease with the first sip of welcoming, warm tea.
Otozure, Fukawayumoto 2208 Nagato Yamaguchi 759-4103, Japan; +81 837-25-3377

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