Bettei Otozure was featured in Lonely Planet Wellness Escapes

Lonely Planet is an English language guidebook that boasts the number one shares in travel books worldwide. Writers travel to the locations they write about for a direct experience, and share that real information with travelers all around the world in their guidebooks.

The newly released “Wellness Escapes” profiles destinations around the world (including yoga, onsen, spas, nature activities and more), and retreats (hotels and ryokan that are almost hidden away), at which readers can escape from the stress of modern life and find a greater peace and happiness.

Bettei Otozure is featured in under the “indulged” section, in which the healing effects of Nagato Yumoto Onsen’s spring waters, and the kaiseki meals full of local ingredients from land and sea are introducted.

Bettei Otozure was featured by CNN Travel

Bettei Otozure was featured in an article from CNN Travel titled, “Japan’s most beautiful ryokans invite you to do absolutely nothing.”
We are extremely honored for Otozure to be listed amongst some of Japan’s most distinguished and “exquisite” ryokan.