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Tucked into the mountains of this hot spring-rich country, the sleek Bettei Otozure ryokan is worth the detour from Japan’s cultural capitals. The standout here is the ryokan’s grand onsen, a commanding set of natural baths fed by the mineral-laden thermal waters that surround this traditional (in sensibility) yet modern (in aesthetic) inn. Onsen are a requisite element in Japanese self-care, similar in concept and experience to public baths in other cultures — like Finnish saunas, they are egalitarian in spirit, intended as a communal practice. True believers will attest that the alkaline spring water has healing properties, serving as a balm to joint and muscle pain.
The experience at this family-owned inn is enhanced by the beauty of the surrounding woodlands — and by the gracious design of the cedar-wood onsen itself, which offers areas for quiet reflection, conversation, and whirlpools. The open-air space in the grand onsen, open until 12:30 A.M., allows for relaxation under the stars — as do the private whirlpools found on the balconies of some private rooms. A separate spa complex offers massages and body treatments.
This ryokan’s rural setting might suggest a rough-hewn approach to its on-site dining — and yet the inn’s traditional kaiseki menu offers a masterful take on this rigorous Japanese dining concept. Expect local additions such as urchin (uni) or even fugu (puffer fish), as well as a selection of local sakes.


このたび創刊された『Wellness Escapes』では、現代の複雑な生活から一時離れ、より充実した幸福な人生を送るための世界中のディスティネーション(ヨガや温泉・スパ、大自然でのアクティビティ等)やリトリート(隠れ家的ホテル、旅館)が紹介されています。



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■ Otozure
Japan’s best hotels are usually either hyper-traditional, with only wood, paper and lacquer, or ultramodern, with no color at all besides white, black and shades of gray.
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The decor at Otozure, in the stunning mountains of Honshu’s Yamaguchi prefecture, is reflective of neither aesthetic; rather, it combines interesting elements of both traditional and modern ryokan design, in warm, orange hues that are unexpectedly relaxing.
Large lanterns light a covered pathway to the traditional Japanese tea house, where guests partake in a traditional matcha tea ceremony upon arrival.
In densely populated Japan, it’s a rare treat to see a hillside that’s not topped with a house, hotel or observation deck. From Otozure’s courtyard water garden, two perfect green cones emerge from behind the building, imparting a sense of remoteness hard to find in the rest of the country. You’ll feel immediately at ease with the first sip of welcoming, warm tea.
Otozure, Fukawayumoto 2208 Nagato Yamaguchi 759-4103, Japan; +81 837-25-3377

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11月に続き「スバル(昴)」 、12月15日頃より「オリオン座」にある星の製造工場「オリオン星雲」をご覧いただけます。


その名は、ギリシャ神話に登場する「英雄オリオン」が、こん棒をふりかざした姿に形状が似ていることから、オリオン座と呼ばれております。オリオン座の特徴である三ツ星の左下あたりをよく見ると、肉眼でもぼーっと光っている部分がございます。 そこが「オリオン星雲」です。オリオン星雲に望遠鏡をむけると、鳥が羽をひろげたようなカタチをご覧いただけます。


・スバル(昴) ・オリオン星雲
・スバル(昴) ・月
・スバル(昴) ・オリオン星雲

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